Maximum Cleaning & Staffing is a cleaning company that offers a standard and professional cleaning service. He offers quality services. He obeys to legal rules in USA. He works with partners in differences States:  Utah,  Wisconsin, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida…..etc.

Maximum Cleaning & Staffing has confidence in developing partnerships and desires to establish sustainable win-win agreements. He promotes new business creation and quality management. Maximum Cleaning & Staffing involves in searching sustainable solutions of cleaning service in order to satisfy the consumers, patients in the hospital, students in schools, visitors and tourists coming from different horizon visiting the United States.



Maximum Cleaning & Staffing is committed to providing the best cleaning service to the expectations of customers and to the satisfaction of the beneficiaries.



Maximum Cleaning & Staffing vision is to provide quality cleaning service, establishes a win-win partnership based on respect and mutual trust in business.



Excellence:  Provide quality cleaning service to the satisfaction of our customers and beneficiaries.

Respect:  Respect each other, value each person and respect their choices.

Responsibility:  Act responsibly towards our customers, towards the community and the environment.

Integrity:  Act with honesty, openness and do what we say we will do.

Innovation: Continuous improvement, initiative, openness and promotes for leadership in the cleaning industry


Sony Noel

Founder, CEO

Mr. Sony NOEL is the CEO of Maximum Cleaning & Staffing Services.  He has founded this enterprise with a large vision to improve and /or to maintain the standard and control quality of industry cleaning services in America.

Mr. Sony is playing a Senior Manager role in the board of Maximum Cleaning & Staffing Services. He is facilitating the decisions making and ensure the corporate strategic management.  Sony is an opened minded and courteous CEO with solid experiences in the hospitality industry with Walt Disney World of Florida and management with K&S Multi-Services. You are welcome to contact the CEO of Maximum Cleaning & Staffing services to discuss and to establish a sustainable Partnership.

Wendelle Maxis


Wenndelle Maxis is the Administrator of Maximum Cleaning & Staffing Services. She ensures the coordination of administrative tasks, partnership management, contract review, operational and budgets management, human resources management, IT and security management.

Wenndelle has more than 12 years of experience in management, procurement and human resources. She has worked in operational management and procurement for 7 years with several international organizations and the microfinance sector in Haiti. Wenndelle is the co-founder of Maximum Cleaning & Staffing Services.  She’s a member of the board Maximum Cleaning & Staffing Services. Wenndelle wishes welcome to any win-win partnership or contract agreement.

Karl Luvener

Business Strategic Advisor

Mr. Karl Luvener SAINTIL is currently now the Business Strategic Advisor for Maximum Cleaning & Staffing Services. Karl has a master’s degree in project management, a master’s degree in international Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, and attended an intensive advanced training in Monitoring and Evaluation at Duke University. Karl has 14 years of experiences in Project management and coordination with several international Organizations, USAID, United Nations and Consulting firms in Haiti. Karl participated in some international mission of consulting in the position of monitoring-evaluation, project reporting indifferent countries: Belgium, Chile and USA. Karl has more than five years in working as Specialist in Monitoring and evaluation for FAO-United Nations, USAID/ABTCI and UNDP. Karl develops his expertise in project management, monitoring and evaluation, business strategic management. He is a coach and business trainer. He is now working as Business strategic Advisor for Maximum Cleaning & Cleaning Services

Who We Are

As part of our commitment Maximum Cleaning and Staffing provides a single-source contact for all of your company’s staffing requirements. Your Maximum Cleaning and Staffing Dedicated Associate Executive will tour your facility and meet with your hiring managers to assess your working environment, enabling your Account Executive and the Maximum Cleaning and Staffing offices to recruit, screen, evaluate, and qualify candidates who possess the skills required to be a productive member of your company.


Principles of Our Work

  • Tailored & Thorough Cleaning
  • Storage & Organization
  • Laundry Services
  • Affordable Monthly Plans
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


Our prices are very competitive, whether they are lower or higher than other services. We may have higher prices than some individual cleaning services because we have a license, liability insurance and bond which in return gives you peace of mind as a customer. Contact your local Mint office for a free estimate.


Maximum Cleaning and Staffing is a Full Staffing Agency offering companies the opportunity to hire with confidence; with our focus on exceeding your expectations. We are dedicated to your success by finding the right person for the right position, no matter how big or small, short or long term. In addition, every permanent placement is protected by our guarantee.

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